Because of the fragile nature of mood stones, each ring needs to be handled with extra care when cleaning. 

It is not advised to wear your mood ring under water, as liquid can have a negative effect on the stone's color-changing properties.

Be sure to take it off and place it somewhere safe while swimming, taking a shower, or washing your hands. 


Mood stones are heat-sensitive and change color based on your own body temperature.  Ancient lore says this can offer clues about a person's state of mind, and each color is meant to help decode your mood--which fluctuates  depending on certain thoughts, experiences, or even slight differences in your daily routine.  

Knowing this, our hand-cut clear quartz mood stones are specifically designed to heal. Known as a 'master healer,' clear quartz has the ability to amplify energy and thought, enhance and strengthen the aura, and stimulate the entire immune system; helping to heal imbalances in the body for a greater state of health. 

Healers will often use clear quartz to help align and harmonize the chakras--particularly the Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Soul Star Chakra--by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating energy.  The best part? No matter what mood you're in, clear quartz draws off negative energy to cleanse and enhance the organs and the mind. Think of it as a deep cleanse for your soul. Clear quartz can also aid concentration and unlock memory, all while stimulating the immune system to bring the body into balance.