Born out of a long-time obsession with My Girl, Olivia Kane launched in August 2015 with one simple idea: high quality mood rings made for grown-ups; those of us who remember Vada with fondness, but have grown to appreciate fine jewelry. 

The brand—founded by New Zealand-born, New York-based Olivia Fleming (middle name, Kane)—has since grown to encompass carefully selected, rare and one-of-a-kind precious and semi-precious gemstones. Through delicate, classic designs, each unique, natural and conflict-free stone is given its own space to shine.

Committed to sustainability, each piece is handmade in Brooklyn, New York using recycled 14K rose gold, 14K yellow gold and sterling silver. 

For custom inquiries, please email

(And for those of you searching for men's wedding bands, I've teamed up with my husband, Matt Rubin, to create MR O.Kwhere you'll find a selection of the perfect classic wedding rings you've always been looking for.)




James Needham - Photography

Allison Cannarsa - Metal work

Saskia Rysenbry - Logo, illustration and packaging design

 Zuzu Snyder - Collage Animation